Procedure for changes in the BTB Terminal Code Table

Procedure for changes in the BTB Terminal Code Table

BTB Terminal Code Table for EDI is being maintained by Bureau Telematica Binnenvaart (BTB) – the agency for telematics of the industrial board in Inland Waterborne Transport. Applications of the BTB Terminal Code table can be found in electronic reporting (BICS/ERInet), stowage software, in-house systems of operators and other EDI systems. Modifications or changes in terminal data can be reported here, by email.

Subset of terminals

The BTB Terminal Code Table is a sub-set of the complete terminal code table for electronic reporting (BICS/ERInet) and specifies a list of container terminals and tank barge terminals in Europe. The complete terminal code table can be downloaded as part of the BICS reference data on the BICS website.

Procedure document

The procedures for changes to the BTB Terminal Code Table are described in a procedure document. Ten steps described in this document meet the operators’ desires to implement more quickly modifications to the BTB Terminal Code Table. When a new terminal appears to be active without a matching terminal code in the BTB Terminal Code Table, operators may immediately design a new code according to their needs, following this  procedure.

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