BTB Company Profile

BTB Company Profile


Bureau Telematica Binnenvaart (BTB) is a self-supporting, independent private organisation, linked to the combined Dutch inland shipping branch organisations. BTB operates as an executive agency for the industrial board in the field of Information- and Communication Technology (ICT) for inland waterborne transport. Main goal is the promotion of useful ICT for inland shipping being a link in the chain of transportation. As a partner of the Dutch government BTB plays a vital role in the introduction of River Information Services. This includes things like electronic reporting, Inland AIS, Inland ECDIS, Notices To Skippers, ERI Expert Groups etcetera.

Central ICT-focal point

Moreover BTB is the central ICT-focal point for individual inland shipping entrepreneurs and branch organisations.  E.g. by advising and informing independently about investments in automation and mobile data communication and by spreading knowledge about the use of computer technology on board of inland vessels. BTB develops information activities, projects and surveys and also provides in individual advice to skippers.

Furthermore BTB monitors ICT developments, in order to obtain the creation of an international policy on telematics by the combined inland shipping industrial board.
Bureau Telematica Binnenvaart promotes and stimulates co-operation between commercial parties that offer and develop specific ICT products and services for the market of inland waterborne transport.

Important targets

  • Obtaining standardization and integration in RIS technology, software applications and ICT-services or products.
  • Easy to use effective software applications for skippers, crews and companies.
  • Cost effective reliable broadband wireless data access along the European waterways.

This can be achieved by preventing split markets to occur. We put effort in coordinating the initiatives of developers, suppliers and providers in the dedicated, highly specialized and limited market for IT on inland vessels.
BTB also stimulates development of E-learning, computer education and computer based training for the mobile workers and their families in the inland shipping sector, in order to improve training of professional skills and ICT-competence on board of vessels.

Special tasks of BTB: accomplishing and promoting Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and guarding and maintaining standardized indexes that are being used in electronic communication.

Contact information

Bureau Telematica Binnenvaart
Vasteland 12c
3011 BL Rotterdam

Phone: +31 (0)10 – 2060606